Mt. Moriah AME Church Ministries


Administrative Ministries

Board Of Stewards             Board Of Trustees

Commission on Stewardship & Finance


Teaching Ministries

Word On Wednesday         Lay Organization



Service (Helps) Ministries

Stewardess Board              Women’s Usher Board

Men’s Usher Board            Junior Usher Board

Nurses Unit                         Floral Ministry

Media Ministry


Outreach & In-Reach Ministries

Class Leader’s Board                         Community Weekly Feeding

Women’s Missionary Society          Community Weekly Clothing

Commission on Health                     Couples Ministry

Women’s Ministry                              Mens’s Ministry

Empowerment Ministry (Social Action & Outreach)

Evangelism Ministry


Youth Ministries/Young People’s Division (Y.P.D.)

Field Trips, Youth Events, & Outings.

Every 3rd Sunday, Youth Sunday

Word On Wednesday Youth Classes

Praise Dancers     Mime Ministry


Personal Development & Support Ministries

Scholarship Committee

New Members Ministry


Music Ministry

Mass Choir           Praise Team

Youth Choir

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African Methodist Episcopal Church        Cocoa, FL